Monday, February 21, 2011

VT quote- funny!

I sorry I haven't posted a quote in a while!!! My January was INSANE! We had VT interviews with all the sisters in the ward. I had sign-ups, reminders, treats, and info updating for that. After interviews we do changes and that is well, not fun.

A lot of my stress was self induced stress. Do you ever do that to yourself? I had my heart set on the cute soul savers, but I COULD NOT find yummy Lifesavers anywhere! No wild cherry, no 5 colors, no yummy butter rum! I also thought I would find some knock-offs just at the dollar store- no luck! I did find mint Lifesavers, but they are much smaller than the sweet version and were more than I wanted to spend! By all miracles of miracles I found some Lifesavers sweet books on clearance at my local grocery store! They worked beautifully! But see- self induced stress! Lesson- find the treat BEFORE you make the printable!

I also was called to be an Activity day leader for the 8 year olds in our ward. My oldest is 8 and soooo excited and I have a very cool partner. I was also called to be the RS secretary, yup- still visiting teaching coordinator too. Somewhat crazy- but I sure it will all work out!!

My January did end on a high note... I went on my first cruise!! We did a short 3 day cruise over Superbowl weekend. Ahhh- I felt like a cute girl and not just a tired mommy!

Anyway, when I saw this quote it fit the bill!!
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