Monday, May 2, 2011

Visiting Teaching- Be Creative!

Ahh, it's word-art time again! I remember a talk by someone in the General Relief Society Presidency talking about the creativity of her visiting teachers. She was very busy, traveling, and working with the church. Her visiting teachers wanted to serve her and she was willing. So, her visiting teachers would pick-up and take her dry cleaning, which she was always forgetting to do. Has anyone heard this story before? I would love to put a name to the story!

How are you creative in visiting teaching?

Sweet Andi Walker from Primarily LDS and Hot Pink Pansy put together this darling handout using my word-art. Didn't it turn out cute! Head out to her blogs to get the full handout or if you are looking for the word-art look below. Primarily LDS is a treasure trove filled with printables, lesson helps, and great ideas. Go check it out!

Here is the .png file too. (Just click on the image)


  1. I was just recently called as VT coordinator. Your blog is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing all your printables and great ideas. I haven't found very much else out there, but your's is the best! I will be back often.

  2. This quote comes from the article in the December 2004 Ensign titled "Strong Hands and Loving Hearts".